Sod or Seed Lawns

Turf is the foundation from which a beautiful landscape stems from, it is the first thing that is seen and offers immediate curb appeal.


  • We have the ability to renovate a part of or your entire lawn in the front yard or rear yard of your property
  • Lawn areas are prepared with advanced equipment that immediately blends new topsoil and organic soil amendments into the existing soil to improve planting conditions
  • Cool season turf grass is established from high-quality seed that is drought tolerant and disease/insect resistant or sun, as well as shade tolerant sod, is installed for instant gratification
  • A detailed watering schedule is provided whether manual or automatic sprinklers are being used to ensure your new lawn receives proper amounts of moisture for quick establishment


A healthy lawn offers many benefits such as reduced erosion, dust control thus improving air quality, improved water quality by filtering out pollutants, absorbing carbon dioxide and converting it into oxygen.


"I would recommend Ince Landscape to anyone looking for an excellent landscaper. We’ve all heard the old cliché “You get what you pay for,” you definitely get what you pay for with Ince Landscape."

-- Maria, Westfield, NJ




Ince creates fresh, visionary spaces that balance nature and function.




Trust Ince to build and maintain your landscape - so you have time to enjoy it.