Hardscape Restoration

Believe it or not, your patio, walkway and even driveway do require some routine maintenance. Over time settlement, shifting, debris accumulation or just dirt can occur. We can:


  • Pressure wash and install new grout (polymeric sand) in all joints
  • Remove settled areas or the ENTIRE feature and install additional gravel in order to level the surface then reinstall it
  • Replace old damaged edge restraints
  • Guarantee once we have completed this work for you your hardscape will look and feel like new!


Hardscapes offer a tangible aspect to your yard which can be enjoyed with friends and family or by giving you a place to unwind and relax.


To schedule a hardscape renovation appointment contact Ince Landscape Construction & Management today by emailing Matt@InceLandscape.com or calling 908-232-0249.


"I would recommend Ince Landscape to anyone looking for an excellent landscaper. We’ve all heard the old cliché “You get what you pay for,” you definitely get what you pay for with Ince Landscape."

-- Maria, Westfield, NJ




Ince creates fresh, visionary spaces that balance nature and function.




Trust Ince to build and maintain your landscape - so you have time to enjoy it.